Front Page Extensions

The following is the process I used to enable FrontPage Extensions for new groups on my Qube 2. I used a group directory to define the home page of a virtual host. I tried to accurately capture the streamlined process but there may be typos and other nuances for your specific setup.

From a clean group directory created from the Cobalt Administrator site (caymangroup in this example),

cd /home/groups/caymangroup
mv private/.htaccess private/.htaccess.orig
/usr/local/frontpage/version4.0/bin/fpsrvadm.exe -o install -p 80 -m -u admin -t apache-fp -s /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf -xu httpd -xg caymangroup

Of course, use the groupname and domain name appropriate for your site. Respond to the prompt for the admin password (I did it this way rather than having the password visible on the screen and also end up in the .history file). Then move the private/.htaccess file back.

mv private/.htaccess.orig private/.htaccess

And finally add author access for the user who will be publishing the site.

/usr/local/frontpage/version4.0/bin/fpsrvadm.exe -o security -p 80 -m -a authors -u yourauthorname

Respond to the prompt for the password for yourauthorname.

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